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Non-compliant boards have expired terms or missing member information in one or more of the following fields:

There are 1,246 non-compliant positions

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Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia Advisory Council - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: Cluck, Van)
Vacant Position (previous member: Compton, Dr. David)
Vacant Position (previous member: Killingsworth, Patti)
Vacant Position (previous member: Kirshner, Dr. Howard)
Mason, Kirk
Vacant Position (previous member: Musgraves, Laura)
Vacant Position (previous member: Samples, Jesse)
Vacant Position (previous member: Temple, Dennis)
Vacant Position (previous member: Wade-Whitehead, Janice)
Archaeological Advisory Council - View Board Details
Dennis, Ms. Georgia
Kaunisto, Jeremy
Robinson, Betsey
Robinson, Charles
Architects and Engineers Board of Examiners - View Board Details
Barrick, Rob
Carder, Jason
Vacant Position (previous member: Carder, Jason)
Collins, James
Doss, Melanie
Elsayed, Dr. Ashraf
Hethcoat, Alton
Nalley, Jeff
Tibbs, Brian
Asian Carp Advisory Commission - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: , )
Vacant Position (previous member: , )
Bell, Mike
Deacy, Bob
Assessment Appeals Commission (Wind down period) - View Board Details
Clanton, Ronda
Koella, Maribel
Proffitt, Tim
Turner, Rhett
Auctioneer Commission - View Board Details
Lowe, Randy
Rogers, Dwayne
Sims, Larry
Sterling, Kimball
Austin Peay State University Board of Directors - View Board Details
McInnis, Keri
Mealer, Robin
Bank Collateral Pool Board - View Board Details
Cassell, Megan
Clinch, Tyler
Myers, Allison
Smith, Dane
Taylor, Arthur
Beech River Watershed Development Authority - View Board Details
Barber, Scott
Bunch, Bryan
Holbert, Kurt
Lewis, Jeffrey
Renfroe, Phillip
Birth Defects Registry Advisory Committee - View Board Details
Fishel, Dr. Camielle
Gutman, Courtney
Mogos, Mulubrhan
Vacant Position (previous member: Mullins-Thompson, Jane)

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