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Non-compliant boards have expired terms or missing member information in one or more of the following fields:

There are 1,463 non-compliant positions

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Tennessee Housing Development Agency - View Board Details
Rhea, Christine
Snodderly, John
Tennessee Human Rights Commission - View Board Details
Arnwine, Scott
Vacant Position (previous member: Coleman, William)
Crafton, Eric
Vacant Position (previous member: Hayes, Mark)
Houston, Annazette
Martin, Bill
Vacant Position (previous member: Selberg, Rieta)
Vacant Position (previous member: White, Ralph )
Tennessee Medical Laboratory Board - View Board Details
Gibson, Danielle
Gidcomb, Jennifer
Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Review Commission - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: Dodson, Dana)
Vacant Position (previous member: Gross, Ken)
Tennessee Opioid Abatement Council - View Board Details
Cox, Sheriff Casey
Farmer, Thomas
Fontes, Sheriff Armando
Fournet, Timothy
Jackson, Dr. Clay
Loyd, Dr. Stephen
Vanterpool, Stephanie
Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (P.O.S.T.) - View Board Details
Isbell, Chief Steve
Tennessee Performing Arts Center Foundation Board - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: Allen, Dale)
Vacant Position (previous member: Corbin, Ron)
DeLoach Weeks, Jenifer
Vacant Position (previous member: Hill, Reggie)
Turner, Jennifer
Wengraf, John
Tennessee Performing Arts Center Management Corporation Board of Directors - View Board Details
Allen, Harry
Berrios, Victor
Vacant Position (previous member: Cates, Steven)
Corbin, Ron
Davis, Ansel
Vacant Position (previous member: Davis, Ansel)
Vacant Position (previous member: Davison, Mark)
Vacant Position (previous member: Essig, Rod)
Vacant Position (previous member: George, Eddie)
Vacant Position (previous member: Gibson, Sheila)
Hartley, Kevin
Hebert, Robert
Hill, J.
Ingram, Martha
Malone, Melvin
Mason, Steve
Poe, Alexia
Poss, Nathan
Vacant Position (previous member: Remus, Nelson)
Sansiveri, Adam
Schmitz, Jim
Tavi, Andrew

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