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Non-compliant boards have expired terms or missing member information in one or more of the following fields:

There are 1,246 non-compliant positions

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Sam Davis Memorial Association Board of Trustees - View Board Details
Frost, Martin
Harney, John
Kitrell, Janice
Read, Pettus
Vincion, Barbara
Weatherford, Margie
Science Standards Recommendation Committee - View Board Details
Clifton, Leslie
Deweese, Joe
Vacant Position (previous member: Hurd, Doris)
Powers, Nisha
Sex Offender Treatment Board - View Board Details
Grim, Jill
Southern Regional Education Compact - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: Cox, Beth)
Deberry, John
Dunn, Bill
Haile, Ferrell
Smith, Eddie
White, Mark
Soybean Promotion Board - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: Cherry, Jason)
Vacant Position (previous member: Dodson, John )
Vacant Position (previous member: Keller, Sam)
Vacant Position (previous member: Moore, Ben)
Vacant Position (previous member: Schultz, Carl)
Sports Wagering Council - View Board Details
Lee, Samuel
Orgel, Billy
Torbett, Hanes
State Board of Accountancy - View Board Details
Bennett, Sam
Booker-Davis, Janet
Crenshaw, David
Floyd, Brad
Gilbert, Gregory
Griesbeck, John
Vance, William
State Board of Education - View Board Details
Mollenhour, Jordan
State Board of Equalization - View Board Details
Burchett, Betty
Vacant Position (previous member: McCormick, Gerald)
State Capitol Commission - View Board Details
Hampton, Dr. Logan
Hill, Hallerin
State Energy Policy Council - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: , )
Vacant Position (previous member: , )
Barnett, Dale
Hashemian, H.M.
State Rehabilitation Council - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: Anthony, CL'audia)
Vacant Position (previous member: Brown, Lee)
Clift, Christina
Gosnell, Lisa
Vacant Position (previous member: Jennings, Greyson)
Vacant Position (previous member: Lawson, Matthew)
Payne, Laura
Vacant Position (previous member: Phillips, Burns)
Samuel, Tyler

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