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Board Name: Austin Peay State University Board of Directors
Board ID: 422
Address: P.O. Box 4628, Clarksville, TN 37044
Phone: 931-221-7580
Board Contact:
Contact Phone:
Appointing Authority: Governor, Faculty, Board of Trustees
TCA: 49-8-203
Duties: With respect to the institutions they govern, each state university board and the board of regents has the power to: select and employ the chief executive officers of the institutions and to confirm the appointment of administrative personnel, teachers, and other employees of each state institution and to fix their salaries and terms of office; prescribe curricula and requirements for diplomas and degrees. The board of regents and the state university boards shall maintain alignment across state higher education by working to develop curricula requirements that promote student success, postsecondary completion, and advancement of the Tennessee higher education commission state master plan; approve the operating budgets and set the fiscal policies for the schools and programs under its control. Each state university board shall have the power to approve the operating budget and set the fiscal policy for the university under its control. In order to ensure the ability to satisfy both contractual obligations to the Tennessee state school bond authority and obligations to that authority's bondholders, the board of regents shall have authority over, and shall give final approval to, the operating budget of each state university. The funds appropriated for each state university shall initially be distributed by the department of finance and administration to the board of regents, which shall then distribute such funds to each state university in such amounts as were appropriated minus any deduction or deductions required to be made by the board of regents pursuant to any financing agreement, or other similar agreement, then existing by and between the board of regents and the Tennessee state school bond authority or any successor organization. Notwithstanding any provision of law, the board of regents shall retain all powers and duties with respect to each state university, state community college, and Tennessee college of applied technology, including, but not limited to, any projects at such institutions which are necessary for the board of regents to fulfill its covenants, representations, agreements, and obligations under any financing agreement, then existing by and between the board of regents and the Tennessee state school bond authority, or any successor organization, on July 1, 2016, as the same may be amended pursuant to the terms thereof, or any successor or similar agreement subsequently entered into by and between the board of regents and the Tennessee state school bond authority; establish policies and regulations regarding the campus life of the institutions, including, but not limited to, the conduct of students, student housing, parking, and safety; and assume general responsibility for the operation of the institutions, delegating to the chief executive officer of each respective institution such powers and duties as are necessary and appropriate for the efficient administration of the institution and its programs. State university boards shall manage and initiate capital and real estate transactions; provided, that such transactions are within the scope of a master plan approved by the Tennessee higher education commission.
Number of Members: 10
Compensation: No compensation
Meeting Schedule:
Hours Required: