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Non-compliant boards have expired terms or missing member information in one or more of the following fields:

There are 1,285 non-compliant positions

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Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority - View Board Details
Bennett, John
Holland, Cathy
Marbry, Marty
Rich, Jason
Vacant Position (previous member: Sedgwick, Paula)
Tennessee Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: Bivins, Joanna)
Boulware, Amy
Vacant Position (previous member: Bryan, Pamela Jean)
Crider, Lucy
Vacant Position (previous member: Fitts, Alicia)
Tennessee Wine and Grape Board - View Board Details
Brooks, Kix
Cox, Cary
Johnston, Tony
Riddle, Rick
Sanderson, Bill
Trial Court Vacancy Commission - View Board Details
Helper, Kim
Vacant Position (previous member: Quinn, J.)
Underground Storage Tanks and Solid Waste Disposal Control Board - View Board Details
McCormick, Jeff
Underground Utility Damage Enforcement Board - View Board Details
Arnold, Rob
Sledge, Christopher
Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council - View Board Details
Jackson, Bradley
Uniform Legislation Commission - View Board Details
Gonzales, Alberto
Hale, Jess
University of Memphis Board of Trustees - View Board Details
Edwards, G.
Ellison, Marvin
Graf, Alan
Johnson, Cato
McKinney, David
North, David
Roberts, Carol
Springfield, Susan
University of Tennessee Board of Trustees - View Board Details
Smith, Donnie
Utility Management Review Board - View Board Details
Combs, Phillip
Veterinary Medical Examiners Board - View Board Details
Hudgens, Patricia
McInturff, Montgomery
Volunteer Tennessee - View Board Details
Vacant Position (previous member: Abernathy, Jennifer)
Davis, Stephanie
Vacant Position (previous member: Davis, Pamela)
Vacant Position (previous member: Hill, Andrea)
Vacant Position (previous member: Hodges, Tina)
Vacant Position (previous member: Kriesky, Rick)
Lyles, Bernard
Vacant Position (previous member: McFarland, Jennifer)
Vacant Position (previous member: Olden, Tony)
Vacant Position (previous member: Palmer, Sara)
Vacant Position (previous member: Reeves, Kane)
Vacant Position (previous member: Robertson, Donovan)
Vacant Position (previous member: Ryerson, Matt)
Vacant Position (previous member: Scott, Jason)
Van de Vate, Tracy

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