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Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett
Records Management Division
RDA Management System
RDA Details
Database ID: 1801
Record Series Title: Real Property Lease Files
Record Series Abstract: Documents relating to the lease space in which various state agencies and departments are housed. Examples: Space Action Request Form (FA-0006), Request for Proposal (RFP), and related correspondence.
Record Series Active: Yes
Cut Off at End of: Other
If Other, Explain: Upon termination of lease.
Total Retention: 7 Years 0 Months
Retention End Action: Permanent
Disposition Notes: Files are to be immediately transferred to the Department of General Services. Department of General Services shall maintain records for 7 years after cut off then destroy according to state approved method. Detailed under Department of General Services RDA 11059 Lease Files. FORMER RDA: S1685
View Signed Form: Form Not Received
Worksheet ID: 1801
Record Location: Department of General Services
File Arrangement: alpha numeric
Media Format Generated: Paper
Media Format Stored: Paper: Sheet
Date Range: 1971 - current
Annual Accumulation: Department of General Services records officer shall keep documentation of specific volume.
Current Volume: Department of General Services records officer shall keep documentation of specific volume.
Record Value: Administrative, Fiscal, Historic, Legal
Audit Requirements: State
Reference Frequency:
Current Year per Month: 0
Past Year: 0
2 - 5 Years: 0
Over 5 Years: 0
Data Update Frequency:
Information Shared Outside of State: No
If Shared, List Agencies:
Essential Record: Yes - Original
Essential Record Stored: Files are to be immediately transferred to the Department of General Services where they will be retained permanently.
Essential Record Media Type: Microfilm
Confidential: No
Confidential Legal Citation:
Media Recommendation: Microfilm
Media Recommendation Other:
Agency Retention: Permanent
Agency Retention - Years Active: 0
Agency Retention - Years Inactive: 0
Records Center Retention Period: 0
Final Disposition after Retention Expires: Convert to Microfilm
Legal Citation: TCA 12-2-108(c); TCA 10-7-303(e)
Record Sample: No Sample
Legal Documentation: No Legal Documentation
Electronic Records Plan Inventory
System Name:
IT-ABC Number:
Hardware Description:
Software Description:
System Location:
Backup Procedures:
Disaster Recovery:
Data Migration Description:
Metadata Description:
Contact Information
Contact Name: Records Management
Job Title: Records Management Division
Address 1: 312 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
Address 2: 8th Floor TN Tower
City: Nashville
Zip: 37243
Phone: 615-741-5739
Agency: Statewide
Agency Head: Tre Hargett
Director: Kevin Callaghan
Allotment Code: 30513
Action Requested: New RDA
  Date Comments
Records Management Division (RMD): 05-08-2014 No recommended changes.
Tennessee State Libary and Archives: 05-14-2014 No recommended changes.
Comptroller Audit Review: 2014-05-13 We have reviewed RDA SW10 from an audit standpoint. We concur with the recommended retention and disposition specifications.
Agency: 11-05-2014 Agency concurs. Thank you.
RMD Director Recomendations: 10-29-2014 RDA SW10 is a request to revise a statewide RDA. The retention period will be seven years and then permanent. The format will be either paper or electronic. Recommend approval of RDA SW10.
Signed Form Received: 2014-11-06
PRC Meeting Date: 12-02-2014
PRC Comments: RDA SW10 is approved by PRC.
PRC Action: Approved
RDA History
ID RDA PRC Reviewed PRC Action
1801 SW10 2014-12-02 Approved
2276 SW10 2017-09-07 Approved