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Board Name: Advisory Council on State Procurement
Board ID: 345
Address: 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, Nashville, TN 37243
Board Contact:
Contact Phone:
Appointing Authority: Governor
TCA: 4-56-106
Duties: The council shall review and issue a formal comment approved by the council on procurement policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures established by the chief procurement officer prior to being presented for approval by the Procurement Commission. All reviews and formal comments shall be issued within sixty (60) days of being presented to the council by the chief procurement officer. The formal comments approved by the council shall be provided to the members of the commission, and the officers of the fiscal review committee. When requested by the chief procurement officer, the council may conduct studies, research, analyses, and make reports and recommendations with respect to subjects or matters within the authority and duties of the chief procurement officer. The chief procurement officer may appoint advisory groups to assist in specific areas, and with respect to any other matters within the authority of the chief procurement officer. In performing its responsibilities, the council's role shall be strictly advisory, but it may do any of the following: Make recommendations to the governor, general assembly, fiscal review committee, commissioner of general services, commissioner of finance and administration, and comptroller of the treasury relating to the enactment or promulgation of laws or rules that affect this title and title 12, chapters 3 and 4; Make recommendations to the commissioner of general services and commissioner of finance and administration regarding the method and form of statistical data collections; and Monitor the performance of the chief procurement office in the implementation of legislative directives. The council may develop evaluations, statistical reports, and other information from which the general assembly may evaluate the impact of legislative changes to procurement laws. Whenever any bill is introduced in the general assembly proposing to amend this chapter, to make any change in public procurement or contract law, or to make any change in the law that may have a financial or other substantive impact on the administration of public procurement and contract law, the standing committee to which the bill is referred may refer the bill to the council. The council's review of bills relating to procurement and contract law shall include, but not be limited to, bills that propose to amend this chapter and title 12, chapters 3 and 4. All bills referred to the council shall be reported back to the standing committee to which they were assigned in a reasonable time. Notwithstanding the absence of a report from the council, the standing committee may consider the bill at any time. The chair making the referral shall immediately notify the prime sponsors of the bill of the referral and the council shall not review and comment on the proposed legislation until the prime sponsors of the bill have been notified. The comments of the council shall describe the potential effects of the proposed legislation on the procurement and contract process and its operations and any other information or suggestions that the council may determine to be helpful for the sponsors, standing committees, or the general assembly. The comments of the council may include recommendations concerning the proposed legislation. Except for reporting the recommendations for or against the passage of the proposed bill and responding to any inquiries made by the members of the general assembly, council staff shall not lobby or advocate for or against the passage of any proposed legislation.
Number of Members: 12
Compensation: None
Appropriations: None
Meeting Schedule:
Hours Required: Approximately 6 meetings per year - 1 hour each