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Board Name: Access TN Board of Directors
Board ID: 320
Address: 310 Great Circle Road, Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615-741-9750
Board Contact: Krista Lee
Contact Phone: 615-253-9942
Appointing Authority: Commissioner of Finance & Administration, Speaker of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives
TCA: 56-7-2903
Duties: Supervise and control the operation of Access Tennessee's health insurance program. The board, on an annual basis, shall submit to the commissioner and the comptroller of the treasury a funding plan and a plan for operation of the program and any amendments necessary or suitable to assure the fair, reasonable and efficient administration of the program and its financial solvency, based upon timely and accurate actuarial assumptions. The plan of operation shall become effective upon approval, in writing, by the commissioner and the comptroller of the treasury.
Number of Members: 14
Compensation: Members do not receive compensation, but do receive reimbursement of travel expenses in accordance with state travel regulations.
Meeting Schedule:
Hours Required: