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Board Name: Governor's Advisory Council for Alternative Education
Board ID: 263
Address: 710 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville, TN 37243
Board Contact: Pat Connor
Contact Phone: 615-253-0018
Appointing Authority: Governor
TCA: 49-6-3404
Duties: The advisory council shall: consider any issue, problem or matter related to alternative education presented to it by the governor, the commissioner or the state board of education, and give advice on any issue, problem or matter; study proposed plans for alternative education programs or curricula to determine if the plans or curricula should be adopted; study alternative education programs or curricula implemented in Tennessee school systems to determine the effectiveness of the programs or curricula, and alternative education programs or curricula implemented in other states to determine if the programs or curricula should be adopted in Tennessee schools; consider rules of governance of alternative schools and make recommendations concerning rules of governance; and make an annual report to the governor, the education committee of the senate, the education administration and planning committee of the house of representatives, the commissioner of education and the state board of education on the state of alternative education in this state. The report shall be submitted prior to February 1 each year.
Number of Members: 10
Compensation: Members do not receive compensation, but do receive reimbursement of travel expenses in accordance with state travel regulations.
Meeting Schedule: The Advisory Council will meet quarterly. All meeting dates will be set at the first meeting of each school year. The meeting place will be decided by the Chairperson and Executive Secretary and must be approved by the Department of Education. The State Department will assume responsibility for providing adequate facilities and arrangements for each meeting. A Quorum of six (6) members will be necessary in order to conduct business of the council. Members may choose to participate via conference call if necessary and will be counted in the quorum.
Hours Required: