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Board Name: Board of Law Examiners
Board ID: 134
Address: 511 Union Street, Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: 615-741-3234
Board Contact: Lisa Perlen
Contact Phone: 615-741-3234
Appointing Authority: Supreme Court
TCA: 23-1-101
Duties: Assists the Supreme Court in licensing attorneys. The board, an administrator and staff are responsible for conducting the Tennessee Bar Examination.
Number of Members: 5
Compensation: Compensation of each member of the board shall be fixed by the administrative director of the courts, with the approval of the chief justice of the supreme court, and shall include travel expenses. All reimbursement for travel expenses shall be pursuant to policies and guidelines promulgated by the supreme court.From the receipts from fees, the board shall pay its compensation and expenses, and any excess of receipts over disbursements shall be paid over to the state treasurer for the use of the state; it being the purpose that the board and its administration shall not be a charge upon, or an expense to the state, that compensation and expenses shall come only from the board's income, and that any excess of income over compensation and expenses shall go into the state treasury.
Appropriations: FY 2022-23: $1,040,400.00
Meeting Schedule:
Hours Required: