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Oaths of Office

Every person who shall be chosen or appointed to any office of trust or profit under this Constitution, or any law made in pursuance thereof, shall, before entering on the duties thereof, take an oath to support the Constitution of this State, and of the United States, and an oath of office.

- Article X Section 1 of the Tennessee Constitution

*Only recent Oaths of Office have been scanned and uploaded.

Allen, Patricia Tennessee Elector 12/19/2016
Amos, Beth Scott Clayton Tennessee Elector 12/19/2016
Arnett, Shelly Commissioner, Reelfoot Lake Regional Utility and Planning District 02/28/2013
Bailey, Michael D. Commissioner, Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District 06/25/2014
Barham, Blake A. Railroad Detective 01/01/2013
Barnes, Danielle Whitworth Commissioner of Human Services 02/06/2017
Benford, Cassandra R. Department of Correction Personnel 11/25/2015
Boyd, Bert C. Department of Correction Personnel 05/20/1988
Boyd, Joe Commissioner, West Warren-Viola Utility District 06/17/2014
Bunch, Timothy K. Commissioner, Reelfoot Lake Regional Utility and Planning District 08/14/2012
Butler, Charles Jeff Department of Correction Personnel 07/22/1986
Cadreche, Marina Department of Correction Personnel 04/01/2010
Callahan, Mike Tennessee Elector 12/19/2016
Campbell, Sarah K. Member of the Governor's Council for Judicial Appointments 07/12/2017
Cook, Doug Department of Correction Personnel 12/23/2014
Daniel, Drew Tennessee Elector 12/19/2016
Daniel, Jim Board of Commissioners of the Hardeman Fayette Utility District 06/21/2016
Davis, Lynne Tennessee Elector 12/19/2016
Davis, Shaundra D. Department of Correction Personnel 08/09/2011
Dyer, Randall T. Member of the Board of Commissioners for Obion County Utility District 07/27/2017
Elam, Mike Commissioner of the West Warren-Viola Utility District of Warren and Coffee Counties 04/21/2015
Enoch, III, Leslie B. Member, Board of Commissioners of the Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District 06/24/2015
Gerregano, David Commissioner of Revenue 12/07/2016
Gibbs, Bobby L. Member, Board of Commissioners of the East Montgomery Utility District 11/09/2015
Gibson, Emily Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Correction 09/04/2013

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