Tennessee Honor Vote Program

Dedicate your vote to those who are serving or have served in the U.S. military.

Tennessee Honor Vote List

The Honor Vote program has ended for 2016. We thank all the voters for their participation and the men and women of the U.S. military for their service.

About the Program

The Honor Vote program lets Tennesseans dedicate their vote to those who are serving or have served our country. The men and women of the U.S. military ensure our freedom and democracy, allowing us to cast a ballot each Election Day. The program was an overwhelming success in 2012, having received nearly 3,500 submissions.

How to Submit

Submit your Honor Vote to the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office using the online form. A commemorative button will be sent to you.

Note: The Secretary of State's office reserves the right to edit or omit any submissions and/or remove any inappropriate language.


Honor Vote List

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Branch/Rank Years Highlights Honored By Share
Baltzell , Neil Richard Air Force TSgt
Rawls, Marina Paulettetwitter icon
Barber , Paul Timothy Army Major
Silvers, Marianne Barbertwitter icon
Barlow , Powell Air Force
Wilson, Miranda twitter icon
Barney , Steven Daniel National Guard Colonel
Incoming Commander of the 230th Sustainment Brigade Barney, Kimberly Jeantwitter icon
Barry , Dorothy M. Army Master Sergeant E-8
MSG E-8 Dorothy M Barry joined the military right after high school in 1968, She joined the Women's Army Corps (WAC) and took Basic training at Fort McClellan Alabama. During the Vietnam Era she served in Thailand as an Administrative Specialist. MSG Barry also served as a Drill Sergeant in 1976-1978 training the last few cycles of the WAC before they disbanded in 1978. After that she went to Germany serving as senior instructor for the 7th Army NCO Academy in Bad Tolz, Germany. Other assignment Barry, Dorothy M.twitter icon
Barton , Mr. James Hayden Navy
Barton, Lori Dianetwitter icon
Baskeyfield , John Edward Navy Chief Petty Officier
World War II Korean War Baskeyfield-Knight, Sandra Kaytwitter icon
Bass , David A Marines Corporal
Died in Iraq Bass, Tammy twitter icon
Bassham , Douglas Eric Army E4
Bassham, Kathryn M.twitter icon
Batchelder , SGM(R) Dean Leroy Army SGM
Made 2 combat parachute jumps into North Korea. Batchelder, David Keithtwitter icon
Bates , Lester Martin Army Sargent
Chandler, Olivia Anntwitter icon
Batey , William (Billy) C. Army Sgt. E5
Served in Viet Nam from May 1967 until May 1968. Billy operated a road grader with the combat engineers, then was over a mine sweep team when he was moved up to the Cambodian border. Thomas, Donna Elainetwitter icon
Batson , Al Ewing Air Force Chief Master Sergeant
Batson, Annie Maetwitter icon
Baugh , Kenneth Army
Smith, Belva twitter icon
Baughman , Margaret Navy E6
Proudly served her Country and retired after 20 years Baughman, Joel twitter icon
Baughman , Joel Army E2
Proudly served during Dessert Storm Baker, Amanda twitter icon
Baxley , Jeffrey Scott Army E-5
2 Army Achievement Medals and 3 Army Commendation Medals, Desert Shield and Desert Storm Baxley, Sherry Lynntwitter icon
Baynham St, Joe Anthony Air Force
Baynham, Joe Anrhonytwitter icon
BeAird , Evaline Army E-4
Gulf War BeAird, Evaline twitter icon
Beall , Kevin Earl Navy AE3
Viet Nam - 3 Tours Beall, Paula Hydertwitter icon
Beam , Lt. Brandon Wickwire Navy Lieutenant
Atlantic Afloat Training Group USS Arleigh Burke USS Dextrous USS Chief USS Warrior USS Halyburton Beam, Kenneth Raytwitter icon
Beam , Brandon Wickwire Navy Lieutenant
2 tours Bahrain Beam, Wendy W.twitter icon
Bean , Charlie Edward Army Private
World War II; Battle of Normandy; Three (3) Bronze Stars Hill, Theresa D. twitter icon
Beard , Oleph Clair Army First Sergeant
D-Day Rector, Brian Jeffreytwitter icon
Beasley , Mr Richard Walker Army Sgt
Hale, Jacqueline Beasleytwitter icon
Beck , Robert Joshua Army Sergeant
Medic in Iraq Mays, Autumn twitter icon
Becker , James Joseph Army
Russell, Shirley Anntwitter icon
Belanger , Mr. Carmel M. Navy LCDR
Retired as an LDO (Limited Duty Officer) Belanger, Carmel M.twitter icon
Bell , Christopher D. Army MSG
Crumpton, Lesley-Anne twitter icon
Bender Jr., Mr. Mark Allen Army E6 Staff Sergeant
Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom Bender, Donna Lynntwitter icon
Bennett , William Carl Army
Served in World War II Bennett, William Jefferytwitter icon
Bensley , Ronald Ray Army Retired
He is now deceased but he is still my father, my dad & my hero. He proudly served 23 years and 3 tours to Vietnam along with 9 medals. Bensley, Mary Anntwitter icon
Berry , Johnathan M. Navy CE2
Berry, Kimberly twitter icon
Berry , Kennethea Annettha Air Force Technical Sergeant (TSGT)
I honor my daughter for her bravery she showed during her term in Afghanistan from 2010-2011, she was awarded the Bronze Star and Combat Action Medal and yet she continues to serve our country with dignity and honor. Newton, Candace D.twitter icon
Berry , Allen S. Army
Cavin, Mary twitter icon
Berry II, Timothy Army 1st Lieutenant
Goodman, Zoe twitter icon
Beshires , Clude O. Army PFC
Beshires, Christopher Lancetwitter icon
Biehler Jr., Mr. Arthur F. Navy Capt.
Biehler, Katharine A.twitter icon
Biggs , Logan Hunter Marines Recruit
Dana , Biggs Leatwitter icon
Biggs , Logan H. Marines Recruit
Just shipped off to boot camp. Cherry, Sandra J.twitter icon
Billingsley Jr., 6158042385 Marker T. Air Force A1C
Billingsley, Marker T.twitter icon
Bishop , Benjamin Marines
Bishop, Ricky twitter icon
Blackmon , Kenneth Marines
Brown, Zona twitter icon
Blackmore , Clifford Army
Blackmore, Barbra A.twitter icon
Blackmore , Clifford Eric Army
Blackmore , Eric Gerard twitter icon
Blankenship , Mr. Jackson Dale Army Sergeant
In late September of 2010,Jackson was in Surkhagen village near the Pakistan border. They had established a tactical operation center between four small villages in order to protect local citizens so they could vote in local elections. They raided one of the villages and detained two Taliban members. While transporting the detainees back to their main forward operating base their convoy hit a daisy chain of IEDs in a dried riverbed. They were ambushed by several insurgents. The Company Comm Bentley, Pamela Anntwitter icon
Blankenship , Mr. Jackson Dale Army Sergeant
Bentley, Pamela Anntwitter icon
Blencoe , David Guy Navy Lt. Commander
Blencoe, Mary Ellen twitter icon
Bob , Branick Army
Showers, Mary C.twitter icon
Bolden , Ronald Eugene Air Force Msgt
Bolden, Mary Katherinetwitter icon