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The Honor Vote Program is now closed. It will be reopened for the 2016 elections.

The Honor Vote program gives Tennesseans the opportunity to dedicate their vote to active-duty military personnel and veterans. The program was an overwhelming success in 2012, having received nearly 3,500 submissions. You can view the 2012 list here.

About the Program

"The Honor Vote program provides Tennessee citizens an opportunity to dedicate their vote to those who are serving or have served in the U.S. military. Their important contributions ensure our freedom and democracy, allowing us to cast a ballot each election day."

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett

2014 Honor Vote List

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Branch/Rank Years Highlights Honored By
Abney , Alicia Nicole Marines
Abney, Alicia
Adair , Mr. Elmer Wylie Army
Adair, Dorsey H.
Adair , Mr. Robert S. Navy
World War 2 Adair, Dorsey H.
Adair , Mr. Robert S. Navy
Adair, Dorsey H.
Adair , Mr. Noel Woodrow Army
Worl War 2. Was in Pearl Harbor when Japan bombed the Island. Adair, Elmer W.
Adair , Mr. James Herman Army
Served during World War 2. Adair, Elmer W.
Adair , Mr. Joe L. Army
Served during World War 2 Adair, Elmer W
Adams , Dennis J. Army Colonel
Colonel Adams served as Commander of the 278th RCT during combat operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Further, upon returning from combat operations, he was accepted into The Army War College to complete his Masters degree in Strategic Studies in 2007. Further, after military retirement, Colonel Adams continues to serve our great state as a public servant within the F&A Division of Health Care Finance and Administration. Meeks, Kelvin Lee
Adams Jr., Paul Delando Marines Lieutenant
Swauncy, Fair Ella
Adams , Gilbert Earl Air Force E5
Adams, Richard Gilbert
Adcock , Robert Army
Moskal, Deborah
Adcox , Arvile Eugene Navy
Tollett, Kimberly Denise
Adkins , Dustin Matthew Army SGT
KIA Iraq Jones, David Clifford
Adkins , Dustin Matthew Army E/5
Dental Tech with 5th Special Forces Group Fort Campbell, KY Going from Green to Gold to become an officer Died in Iraq on December 4th, 2006. Adkins, Sharon Marie
Agee , Fred Army
Hart, Laura Ann
Ahart , MSG RET Lloyd Douglas Army E8
Ahart, David Andrew
Aimesbury , Andrew Archer Army Private First Class
75th Regiment-1st Battalion Williams, Melinda A.
Alderidge , Curtis Army
Killed in Vietnam war serving his country in 1968 Johnson, Jessica
Alexander , James Army
Floyd, Joni
Alexander , James Ardway Army
Floyd, Joni
Alford , Mr. Jimmy Marines
Wounded in action Stegall, Patrick L.
Allen , Mr Ethan Lee National Guard MSG
Douglas, Suzy
Allen , Michael Eugene Army E5
Allen, Cynthia Irene
Alsup , Jackie Army
Served his country proudly in Vietnam. Marks, Dorothy
Altizer , Mr. Zach Boyd Army E-II
Owens, Dustin Curtis
Amburn , Richard Cary Air Force Colonel
Served in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. Amburn, Harold eugene
Ammons , Mr. Clyde R. Army
Collins, Sandra Sue
Amonette , Mr. Bobby Thomas Army
Payne, Angel Ann
anderson , sgt john p Marines sgt
anderson, jennifer lynn
Anderson , Dustin Army Captain
Served a tour in Iraq where he was promoted to Captain after leading several successful missions. He is now a United States Marshal in Washington D.C. McDougal, Jamie
Anderson , J.A. Army
He fougth in World War II Whitlow, Phenessia Kay
Andrew , Follis National Guard
Morrow, Lauren
Andrews , Drake Air Force
Andrews, Keri
Andrews , Drake L Air Force
Andrews, Casey M
Andrews , Drake Air Force
Andrews, Carl Dean
Ankrom , Mr. Jacob Army
Venable, Laura
Anthis , Major General Rollen Henry Air Force Major General
General Anthis's military decorations include the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit with three oak leaf clusters, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal with two oak leaf clusters, Alawite Medal of the Third Order (Morocceudes Consulate General French) and the Medal of Independence (Libya). General Anthis was also awarded the wings of the French Air Force, Royal Thai Air Force, Vietnamese Air Force and the Republic of Korea Air Force. In April 1964, the International Supreme Council, Orde Anthis, Brian Joel
Anthony , Mr. Cooper Marines
Served multiple tours in Iraq and Afganistan Fox, Jeffery Aric
Anthony Jr., Harold Army
Hampton, Carlatina M
Aquilar , Margaret Army E-4
First unit "with boots on ground", Desert Shield/ Desert Storm Veteran. Several unit and individual awards for service. Ovens, Angela
Archer , Michael D Air Force Col.
Archer, Katherine
Armour , Laverne Army
Johnson, Chandra
Arms , Eddie Earl Army
Arms , Charles Eddie
Aschbacher , James Allen Army Staff Seagarent
Aschbachr, Olivia Ann
Ash , Bernice L Marines Cpl
KIA WWII Ash, Bernie L
Ashe , Henry Terry Army E-6
3 Purple Hearts; Bronze Star; Army Commendation Medal and the Vietnamese Cross of Galantry Ashe, Beth Ann
Ashley , Robert Wayne Army Sgt.
Spickard, John B.
Atchley , Joseph Army Private
Served under Capt. Gallaway in the Regiment Commanded by Maj. John Dunn and Col. Herd in the New Jersey Continental troops of Generals Lee Mullenbury & Gen. Washington. He served 6 months in Virginia and when Cornwallis was defeated. Moved to Sevier County and helped settle Tennessee, along with his brother, Thomas. Atchley-Pace, Julia Brucette
Atkinson , Daniel Boyce Army 1st Sgt.
1SG (Retired) Daniel B. Atkinson enlisted in the Tennessee Army National Guard October 2, 1965. He served 37 years and eight months, being forced to retire June 2003 when his unit was deployed to Iraq. He spent many hours with worry and concern for his men serving in Iraq without him. Some even called home to discussed issues with him. 1SG Atkinson began a career of full time National Guardsman, working in Columbia in 1972. He served as Unit Administrator of the local guard from June 1, 1980 un Glenda, Atkinson Faye